Rob McColley supports job creation.

Enabling Job Creation

Government doesn't create jobs, but it can help create the pro-growth economic environment where job creation thrives. Rob McColley worked to balance the state’s budget while reducing the tax burden on the small businesses that drive our economy. He supported the elimination of income taxes altogether on the first $250,000 of income for small business owners. As a result, Ohio has become one of the top three job creating states in the nation, setting new records for the number of businesses setting up shop here.

Rob McColley supports a trained workforce.

Training Our Workforce

Our education system is not serving the best interests of many of our students. Schools are confined by strict curriculum standards and state mandates that do not cultivate career skills in those not headed to a four-year university. With an aging population and an economy in transition, Ohio faces a unique opportunity when it comes to preparing our workforce for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Rob McColley is meeting this challenge head-on through a legislative effort to connect the Ohio Department of Education and Department of Higher Education with Ohio's major industries. This collaboration is aimed at creating a statewide strategic workforce plan to enhance project-based learning and expand professional development programs that address how to build authentic, real-world, project-based learning into the curriculum. Rob McColley also led the effort to invest $25 million in a state revolving loan fund to train unemployed and underemployed workers for in-demand jobs. Loans from the fund are being used to provide individuals training through public and private colleges, universities and career centers.

Rob McColley supports quality public education.

Strengthening Our Schools

Our children are the workforce of tomorrow. Therefore, the quality of their training is paramount to the economic vitality of our state. That’s why, under Rob McColley's leadership, Ohio has directed more state funding into K-12 education than at any time in our state’s history. Total state aid investments since 2013 have resulted in overall state per pupil increases of 30.5%. The continuation of "Guarantee Funds" ensures that no district will receive less in formula state aid than it did in the 2017 fiscal year, unless the district has lost more than five percent of its students over the past two years and would otherwise be funded for students that no longer exist.

Rob McColley honors human life.

Honoring Human Life

Life is a gift from God that begins at conception.

Rob McColley is 100% pro-life and believes we should all hold life and family as invaluable and sacred. That is why Rob McColley supports tough penalties on dead-beat Dads and more support and opportunities for single mothers, including a strong adoption system. And Rob McColley believes the taking of innocent life is an act that our society should not tolerate. We must do everything we can to serve mothers and their children by protecting the sanctity of human life.

Rob McColley will fight illegal drugs.

Fighting the Drug Crisis

Nowhere has the nation’s emerging opiate drug crisis hit harder than Ohio. Rob McColley worked to invest more than $1 billion in the fight against drug abuse and addiction. Through Rob McColley's leadership, Ohio has cracked down on Fentanyl possession and drug trafficking. And tough, new limits on prescriptions for the treatment of acute pain are expected to reduce opiate doses by millions in hopes of further tightening the flow of these dangerous, addictive drugs. Rob McColley also expanded access to the life-saving heroin antidote Naloxone, giving law enforcement, emergency personnel, homeless shelters, halfway houses, schools and treatment centers an effective tool to help save lives of those who overdose.